Friday, March 29, 2013

Wow, no sugar or carbs, Oh My!

Almost 3 months with no sugar, grains, or PASTA! Eeeekkk. But I feel awesome,  and that's what counts.

I keep forgetting to take photos of everything I make or eat. But I remembered last night! Wow, was this ever a great dinner. Double stuffed burgers ( ground turkey stuffed with portabella mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and red onions), broccoli and red onion frittata and baked "candy" acorn squash. A protein pile up! I was full for hours, and some was left over for breakfast the next morning.

I also put together energy bars; basically several different types of nuts & seeds, dates, raisins, and a little coconut oil mixed with honey and cinnamon. Awesomely delish; my hubby thought they were "dessert". (I'm not tellin')

So made the consult with a surgeon; let's see what he has to say.

Easter Sunday is in 2 days. I have planned a Paleo meal, having omitted the usual recipes I've made for years. Still keeping the leg of lamb, but adding a prime rib (grass fed of course), with kale & sundried tomato saute, and spicy roasted butternut squash & cauliflower. I've even gotten a recipe for Almond Joy bars; my son (who eats Paleo but has a VERY sweet tooth like his Dad). Can't wait to see how these turn out. Of course, my Mom will be bringing her Italian Wheat pie. Easter wouldn't be Easter without it, and even though it's not Paleo (gasp!) I think I'll try a very SMALL piece.

Everyone have a wonderful holiday, and savor your food and enjoy your family & Friends.

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