Friday, March 15, 2013

food Diary

OK People! I know it's been awhile, but I have been crazy busy!

Anyhoo, it's Friday, a dingy depressing Friday, even though it IS Friday, and I am just about finished with all of my work. Today was not a good day for food. Feeling nauseous, so only had a mint split pea soup, really good, but different. Don't really feel much like eating anything else yet.

 SO this is my typical breakfast. Usually leftover meat from the night before dinner, and a big bowl of fruit.

Going Paleo has been a challenge, cooking wise. But I have discovered so many websites and blogs dedicated to the primal lifestyle with awesome recipes, that it is getting easier everyday. Of course, being an EYEtalian girl, I do REALLY, I mean REALLY, miss my pasta, but I have learned to substitute with spaghetti squash, which fools you into believing that you are eating pasta!

 Here is a side dish that I just threw together. I sauteed some leftover broccoli rabe in coconut oil, added some crushed garlic and sundried tomatoes (NOT the kind from the jar full of oil) and viola! Quick yummy side dish
 For lunch the next day I ate the same side dish, along with (Gasp!) turkey meatballs. But these meatballs are made with no cheese or breadcrumbs, just some almond meal, eggs, garlic, a dash of my home made tomato sauce and parsley salt & pepper to taste.

 AND....I do miss something sweet now and then, and my family has such a sweet tooth, so I am always looking for Paleo treat recipes. FOund this one on my favorite website,  which is chock full of recipes. These are Pumpkin Cupcakes. Next time I make them I will add a bit more fruit like dates or raisins to up the sweetness. They were a little bland. And my hubby made such a face when he took a bite! I try not to tell him they are "Paleo" because then he might not try it. I want to get his tastebuds acclimated

 One of my all time favorite things to make and eat is Italian Wedding Soup, so I re-tooled the recipe and eliminated the pasta (I know, I know, what's Italian anything without pasta!) but adding scrambled eggs and some spaghetti squash really amped it up.

 This was a breakfast that I just threw together because I was late getting into the office, so I just used whatever was leftover in the fridge; some turkey bacon (with no nitrates) brussel sprouts, asparagus and eggs, with a side of fruit of course.

 NOW THIS< THIS was awesome! This was pulled pork, probably the best I ever had or ever made, and all Paleo!

 Along with the pulled pork I made "rice" from cauliflower chopped up in the food processor and then sauteed with garlic, paprika, a little water and salt & pepper to taste.

 On this one I took some of that left over pork and made an egg scramble with some broccoli rabe, for breakfast. Can't seem to get used to the idea though that I can have MEAT with breakfast!

 Different recipe for pulled pork, called Pork Carnitas, not as good though.

So that's some of the last few weeks worth of Paleo meals. Check out these websites and blogs if you want to see what all the Primal fuss is about.

There are also some really great apps like "PaleoDiet" by FitKit and "Healthy Out" for healthy dishes at the big chain restaurants.

I will TRY to write more often. See ya

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